Complete ReDesign

Pick five rooms. In three to five sessions (and up to ten hours of consultation time) we will work out the kinks and have you kicking your heels in delight. Complete redesign plans provided upon completion.

Yes, I want this!!!

Partial ReDesign

Pick three rooms. In two to three sessions (and up to six hours of consultation time) we will have your home singing hallelujahs to you in your head. Complete redesign plans provided upon completion.

I absolutely need this!!!

ReDesign a la carte

Pick a room or two. In a single session (and less than a few hours of consultation time) we will absolutely get your space headed in the right direction. Complete redesign plan(s) provided upon completion.

Champagne taste. Beer budget.

Here's my big aspiration... I want to make a real difference in your life through redesign.

I want your home to support you in being a better person, a better parent, a better producer of whatever it is you're meant to do in this world. I want the rooms within your home to elevate your life and inspire you to put forth the very best work you're capable of.

People can do amazing things when thriving. Redesign will help you thrive. It can help make the world as you know it a kinder, gentler, better place.

Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, and bogged down by space-shame? I will have you doing Sound of Music twirls in your living room.

Does your home seem to be working against you? I will help you transform things. You deserve a space that supports your best work (Hello, entrepreneurs!).

Have you been perusing Pinterest and dog-earing design magazines? Soon, you'll be living in a space you love instead of just looking at one.

I help people create spaces that support thriving.


Need a little room therapy?

You're ready to reinvent your space and your life but you need a little (or a lot) of help with the how-to. That's where I come in... I'm your room therapist. I provide a sort of couples-therapy for you and your space so the relationship becomes one of harmonious partnership. Together, we'll achieve FAST and fabulous results. Get ready for transformation!

Step One: Schedule a complimentary connection call with me to discuss your design dilemmas.